Roaring Fork Open 2009




Art Matters!
Conversation between Roaring Fork Valley artists and
AAM Director and Chief Curator Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson


Since its founding in 1979, the Aspen Art Museum has provided a place for people to gather, reflect and respond to art, and communicate with artists and each other. The Roaring Fork Open is a longstanding tradition and highlights the AAM’s ongoing investment in sustaining a vibrant local, national, and international arts community. Beginning in 1980, the AAM has engaged the local community by hosting an annual Roaring Fork Valley exhibition. The RFO is open to artists residing between Aspen and Glenwood Springs and over the past twenty-nine years countless artists have presented their work at the AAM. This year, 125 Roaring Fork Valley artists will exhibit in the museum-wide exhibition, each work selected by the individual artist in consultation with AAM Director and Chief Curator Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson. Christoph Heinrich, Deputy Director and Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art for the Denver Art Museum, will also be participating in the 2009 selection process. In addition, the AAM is excited to present a series of free public programs selected by and presenting Roaring Fork Valley actors, comedians, dancers, writers, performers, and musicians.



Chris Anderson, Charles Andrade, Fred Annes, Cecilia Anthony, Alpen Badgett, Diana Baker, Mary Ballou, Gail Bartik, Dasa Bausova, Stanley Bell, D’Arcy Bellamy, Joel Belmont, Lili Belmont, Sarabeth Berk, Sue Binkley Tatem, Shelly Bogaert, Lee Bowers, Patricia Bukur, Maggie Butler, Anne Byard, Barbara E. Courtney, Brady Curry, Olivia Daane Reische, Jackie Daly, Buzz Dopkin, John Doyle, Lori Dresner, David Durrance, Betsy Dunbar, Connie Engeler, Elizabeth Farson, Marylou T. Felton, Kim Floria, Hilary Forsyth, Will Goddard, Anne Goldberg, Richard Gordos, Janet Grenda, Shelly Hamill, Cindy Hansen, Mark Harris, Carly Hedrich, M.T. “Lyn” Hemley, Karl Hollinger, Kathy Honea, Jennine Hough, Christine Interlante, Lauren Jackson, Sandra Johnson, Majid Kahhak, Carrie Kaplan, Sandra Lee Kaplan, Wewer Keohane, Michael Kinsley, Junée Kirk, Aaron Kleidon, Linda Koones, Tamas Kovacs, Nancy Kullgren, Kate Leibinger, Cindy Leuchtenburg, Nicole Levesque, Steve Lewis, Greg Lipp, Charmaine Locke, Jordana Samie Loeb, Linda Loeschen, Carol Loewenstern, Marilyn MaC, Victor Madrigal, Cornelia Madsen, Rick Magnuson, Jonathan Martin, Alicia Matesanz De Las Heras, Alleghany Meadows, Rose Mehlhaff, Gerry Michel, Mary Millard, Tori Mitas-Campisi, Cliff Mohwinkel, Tom Mooney, Gaard Moses,Tracy Nichols, Karla G. Nicholson, Mary Noone, David Notor, Susan Obermeyer Strauss, Janusz Obst, Mike Otte, Olivia Pevec, Sue Pietrzak, Mary Pilon, Michael Raaum, Deborah Rader, Suzann Resnick, K Rhynus Cesark, Jon Rietfors, Annette Roberts-Gray, Andrew Roberts-Gray, Shelly Safir Marolt, Peter Sahula, Jill Scher, Cathy Schermer, Natasha Seedorf, Barry Sheehan, Karen Silverman, Cassandra Sokal, Amber Sparkles, Cartar St. James, Sherrill Stone, Kathy Stover, JT Thompson, Annette Thompson, Roy Toma, Lana Trettin, Carrie Trippe, Mindy Vernon, Georgeann Waggaman, Bill Weiner, Betty Weiss, Chrissy White, Pierre Wille, Amy Zausmer


The 2009 Roaring Fork Open is organized by the Aspen Art Museum. Exhibition lectures are presented by the Questrom Lecture Series.


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