Uwe Henneken, Chains of Freedom, 2006. Courtesy of the artist and Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York.

Like color in pictures




Art Matters!
Conversation between artist Tony Feher and
AAM Director and Chief Curator Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson


Like color in pictures is an international group exhibition featuring the work of both emerging and established artists who explore an aspect of the return of intense, idiosyncratic color to art. An attempt to devise an art historical treatise on the subject, the exhibition will be subdivided into five distinct sections that analyze different embodiments of color in contemporary artistic practice: color as emotion, color as environment, color as décor, color as persona, and color as humor.

Color as emotion examines artists who use the affective associations of color as central elements in their work. Color as environment brings together artists for whom color has the potential to contain, delimit, and characterize space. The ornamental qualities of color are investigated in color as décor. In color as persona, the relationship between color and portraiture is explored. Color as humor comprises artists who deploy color for ironic or comedic purposes.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a fully-illustrated catalogue containing scholarly essays on the reinvigoration of color in contemporary art by AAM Director and Chief Curator Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson, Rhonda Lieberman, and James Welling.

Chiho Aoshima
Polly Apfelbaum
Hernan Bas
Sarah Cain
Ernesto Caivano
Tony Feher
Torben Giehler
Henriette Grahnert
Mark Grotjahn
Trenton Doyle Hancock
Uwe Henneken
Jim Hodges
Byron Kim
Peter McDonald
Kelly McLane
Elizabeth Peyton
Brett Cody Rogers
Mindy Shapero
Jessica Stockholder
Andro Wekua


Like color in pictures Catalogue


Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson essay


Rhonda Lieberman essay


James Welling essay


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